Florentijn Bos started his professional career as an CGI animator on a German television show back in 1998. After sending in his hobbyist showreel (screenshot here!) he found himself only two weeks later in the heart of Munich city center with all expenses paid. Being just 18 years it only took half a year for homesickness to set in, returning to Holland with a huge load of new knowledge and experience it wasn’t hard to find a new challenge. He was found by Reinier van Brummelen after working on a
couple of freelance animation jobs first. Reinier is a seasoned Director of Photography best known for his work on the Peter Greenaway movies and art exhibitions.

Florentijn was going to be very versatile under Reinier’s supervision. One day he could be animating a group of huge spiders for a background projection for an Opera, the other day he could be working on greenscreen removals for a feature film. Reinier was in high demand for the special ‘look’ he gave his visual effect shots. Florentijn was learning to do the same for the sequences he was responsible for, later it turned out this skill is called digital colour grading.

After almost four years of intense collaboration Florentijn decided to move on. This time his attention was brought to a more traditional post  production facility by the name of ‘50FPS’ around 2003. Just a few years later 50FPS transformed into Filmmore, becoming the Dutch market leader of post production for feature film and television drama. One of the best things of this new collaboration was that it stimulated Florentijn to be as versatile as he was with Reinier. So his dayjob could consist of doing onlines, compositing, supervision, pipeline setup, animation and colour grading work. The Baselight started to become one of his favorite tools.

Florentijn decided to split from payroll work in 2007, it was time to make the move into going freelance. Having built up a huge base of regular clients it was not difficult finding work. Filmmore and Florentijn still work together frequently.

The years after Florentijn is mainly known for his colour grading and digital intermediate supervision work on feature films, documentaries and commercials. Working on some of the biggest productions in those years things couldn’t get any better. This period stretched roughly from 2007 to around 2012.

But as life progresses Florentijn started to miss the technical  challenges and intense team efforts on visual effects and animation productions. Due to the high demand of Florentijn as a colourist he failed to combine his colouring work with being a passionate visual effects artists. So in 2013 he decided to seize his colour grading activities in the Benelux. It is time for expanding his vision and look for new possibilities exploring more talents to excel in.

On a side note, Florentijn keeps giving workshops colour grading and colour science at the Dutch Film Academy for at least the foreseeable future. And he is joining the students at Animation Mentor himself for a 15 month long Animation Fundamentals course.

Florentijn offers compositing and visual effects using NukeX 7, Modo 701 and Syntheyes. For which he owns his personal license and workstation, this licenses are floating and this also usable over the internet when required.

Link to his iMDB and his LinkedIN
CV Florentijn Bos January 2014

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